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In Kakkuro Suite: Projects You Can Now Upload Files

In our latest updated to Kakkuro Suite: Projects, we have added the ability to upload any file to an issue, task or sub-task from the “create” box. This could include an image, pdf, document or any other file you’d like to share.

The ability to instantly add a file or image can not only increase background information and consolidate documents, but our research has found that it can cut down two minutes or more per task or issue creation. Rather than moving through other sections to find background information, file uploads through any creation can increase project communication and improve team communication.

While the ability to upload a file doesn’t seem like a big announcement, it will truly make a difference in the way you create and organize projects. Watch Drew’s video below to see how it can impact your team’s projects.

Mike ThiessenIn Kakkuro Suite: Projects You Can Now Upload Files