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Kakkuro Suite: CRM Launches New Organizational Chart Feature

Kakkuro Suite: CRM — Kakkuro’s customer relationship management system built for building and growing leads and clients — has just launched the latest feature: Org Charts. Now found under account contacts, Kakkuro Suite: CRM users can organize a company’s employee’s easily and visually.


With org charts you can see who you need to be reaching out to in order to follow a lead. Visually see the map of company employees, showing you who you need to be talking to in order to turn your leads into returning customers.

Drag and drop new customers under management, or move customers out of the chart if you are unsure where they reside. Building an org chart is simple, but it can instantly give you powerful insight into your potential future clients.

Once charts are created, new contacts can be added in while inside the organization chart and final reports can be printed from within Kakkuro Suite: CRM.

Watch Drew explain how to use this new feature…

Mike ThiessenKakkuro Suite: CRM Launches New Organizational Chart Feature

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