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Kakkuro Is Now Connected with Over 750 Business Applications

Kakkuro is excited to announce our new integration and connection with Zapier, which lets us connect you with over 750 of the most commonly used business applications. Salesforce, Quickbooks, MySQL, Infusionsoft, Wunderlist, Smartsheets, Strip, Xero and Hubspot are just some of the common apps that Kakkuro Suite now links with — not to forget our existing integration with GoogleDrive, Microsoft Office and Dropbox.

Check Zapier to browse all applications that are possible to link with. You can view it here.

Zapier_logo“With the Zapier integration you are basically allowing companies that wouldn’t be able to afford custom integrations to integrate their tools for basically nothing,” said Drew Ford, Director of Sales & Operations

Whatever programs your business is currently using, Kakkuro Suite can be integrated with them. If you want to visualize data from any existing application, those programs can be connected in Dashboards — where your data is turned into charts and graphs. But this integration is applicable with other Kakkuro modules; Kakkuro Suite: CRM, Kakkuro Suite: Accounting and Kakkuro Suite: Projects.

Not only does this make integrating your existing information easier and possible, it also fully allows all of your programs to cooperate and work together. With over 750 applications to connect to, everything you’re storing can be easily accessed through Kakkuro Suite.

shutterstock_586057352“How many workflows can you think of that don’t use created or collected data from only one source?” said Mike Thiessen, Kakkuro CEO. “Leveraging Zapier’s friendly user interface and extensive library of integrations enables our users to create and automate workflows, like analytics and scheduling, using their Kakkuro Suite information outside the Kakkuro apps, and inversely: their non-Kakkuro application data within their other tools.”

We have already rolled out integration with Salesforce with a few of our clients — who are happy with the results.

“Our partnership with Zapier is moving our tools forward in the goal of providing the ease and power to help your team move forward,” Thiessen said.

Mike ThiessenKakkuro Is Now Connected with Over 750 Business Applications

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