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Sales Action Plans Can Transform Your Business

Managing customer relationships can be daunting, to say the least. A CRM can make it easier. But, it takes more than just refined customer organization to stay on top of your sales goals. That’s where action plans come in.

Sales action plans are the crux of every good sales strategy. It’s all about turning your long-term sales goals into a plan, one that is mapped out clearly with every step ready to be checked off. With a CRM that supports sales action plans, you can organize every step of your sales process by scheduling tasks — so no contact falls through the cracks.

Using Automation to Meet Deadlines

We find that it is best to separate action plans out by contact type and sometimes by lead source as well. This means that all leads that come in from, say, your website will have a different plan of contact than someone you met in-person at a trade show. The same goes for engagement plans with existing customers, their action plans will look different, too.

With automation involved, staying on top of communications isn’t as complex as it sounds. When reminders are auto-populated, no connection is missed. And no matter how many leads your sales team is keeping track of, every contact gets proper attention.

Utilizing Email Templates

Along with timely reminders on when to get in touch with contacts, email templates are another great asset to use when creating action plans. When it’s time to remind a contact about a great opportunity coming up — like a local event or free trial — how much easier would it be to connect if all you had to do was drag and drop a template, then send your finished email from the same place? Yes, that’s possible.

Ready-to-use email templates are a strong asset in powerful a CRM. They cut down time on setting up emails and instead allow your sales team to simply drop in your email message and click send. When templates are customizable, you can design emails to emphasize your brand — with logos, colors and auto-populated signatures.

First an action plan automatically reminds you to connect with a client, then the email template is right there and ready to use. What does that mean for your sales team? It means you can focus more on connecting with customers and less on the menial tasks of putting those interactions together.

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Mike ThiessenSales Action Plans Can Transform Your Business