In 2005 Dr. Chandra set out to find a solution to the United States’ out-dated traffic systems: that solution was Rhythm Engineering. Reggie invented In|Sync, a robot that synchronizes traffic lights reducing automobile crashes by 30%. The company, Rhythm Engineering, owns 95% of the US market and has been listed in the Inc. 500 two years in a row. Inc. Magazine listed it as the 64th fastest growing company in the US and Deloitte Fast 500 listed Rhythm Engineering as the 43rd fastest growing company. Gartner also lists Rhythm Engineering as a “Cool Vendor.” Rhythm Engineering holds 4 patents and continues to invent new and disruptive products that revolutionize the industry. Rhythm Engineering solutions operate in 1865 intersections in 156 cities in 31 states and positively impact over 3,000,000 motorists daily.

Reggie has invented other products/solutions and has founded 6 other companies beside Rhythm Engineering. He has also figured out how to run the companies without spending time “in” them. He is always working “on” his businesses rather than “in” them. A self-proclaimed dreamer, he Dr. Chandra leads by communicating a vision, developing a plan, and stepping back to allow his team to go to work on making the dream a reality.

In 2012 Dr. Chandra launched Business Instruments, a company that provides integrated software to build, manage, and grow business using actionable information at the moment of inspiration. As a successful entrepreneur and start-up aficionado, Dr. Chandra understands the processes that keep small businesses ahead of the competition, the tools that are imperative to their success, and the challenges faced by small business owners. As such, he is passionate about sharing his success with small business owners. The need for such tools lead to the development and launch of Thrive™, a SaaS solution for businesses to measure, manage, scale, and thrive.

Esquire Magazine recognized Reggie as one of the most inspirational CEOs in the US in 2012.
Sir Richard Branson, after meeting with Reggie declared that: “You should be awarded a Nobel Prize.”
Governors, entrepreneurial/engineering organizations have recognized Reggie for his contribution to society.

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