• I really like the dashboard displays. It gives me the right information at the right time at my fingertips. Helps me to really understand where I'm at and where I need to go."

    Steve Flones Sales Director | Flopath

Get started quickly and easily,
no consultant required.

Customize what you see to get visibility into your operations, sales, and accounting systems.
Use what if scenario sliders to project the impact of changes to your business.


These businesses are already thriving.

Use as system that works for you,
not the other way around.

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Actionable information available at the moment of inspiration, at any time on any device
Best in class data visualization of the information you need, integrated across tools you already use
Simple to set up and customize to the unique needs of your business
Easy to share and collaborate with your team
Built by entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes, struggling with similar issues

Create a dashboard using built-in templates
or design your own visualizations.


Sales Performance

Site Analytics

Social Media

Upgrade your business intelligence today.

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Why dashboards?

Information is just as vital to a business as cash flow when it comes to survival. Sales counts, customer relationships, outstanding invoices — they all generate data your business can use. The challenge is deciding how to put all that information together.

Dashboards take data management to a whole new level: They transform fragmented information into useful and actionable chunks of business intelligence that prove vital to business success. With a powerful but versatile dashboard feeding you information, the sky’s the limit for your business, whether you are in the boardroom, at your desk or on the road.

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