Kakkuro Suite: CRM is Fast & Flexible
Build, execute and nurture relationships faster with Kakkuro Suite: CRM
a tool built for flexible management at every stage of your pipeline.

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Create Loyal Customers that Keep Coming Back

  • Quick and easy setup, with your team trained in under an hour
  • Build and utilize automated sales action plans and emails to turn potential clients into loyal customers
  • Measure and manage your customer relationships with real-time data visualization
  • Customize the interface to match your sales process, without expensive consultants
  • Designed to let your sales team take immediate action


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The Flexibility Businesses Need to
Manage Their Sales Process

With Kakkuro Suite: CRM, growing customer relationships is easy and advanced. With the ability to develop personalized action plans, communication can be automatically scheduled directly out of the app. All of your notifications can be synced with your calendar — keeping you on top of client interactions without a hitch.

Quick and Easy Setup

With Kakkuro Suite: CRM’s simple setup any team can be fully trained in under an hour. Our customer relationship system is built to help you run your business smoother, so every aspect of the tool is set up for ease-of-use.

Automated Sales Action Plans

Built and utilize automated sales action plans and emails to map out your sales goals and reach them. With ready-to-use email templates, customize emails to keep leads and customers engaged. With a more automated sales process, you can quickly turn potential clients into loyal customers.

Measure Customer Relationships

Bringing in new leads is just as important as measuring their actions in order to convert them into customers. With Kakkuro Suite: CRM you can both measure and manage your customer relationships with real-time data visualization.

Customize Your CRM

Every company has a different sales process with different terminology, that’s why we built Kakkuro Suite: CRM to be flexible to any team’s needs. Customize the interface to match your sales process — without needed to hire expensive consults.

Sales Predictability Webinar

By implementing clearly defined sales processes, you can easily train new members, keep track of opportunities as they move through the sales process and tie in action plans — leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Watch the “Sales Predictability: Data, Science and the Method to the Madness” webinar and see Drew Ford, Director of Sales & Operations, cover the “whys” of building out a sales process and how using your own statistical data can ensure the correct sales path.


Kakkuro Suite: CRM

Automate & Integrate
Streamline Sales & Marketing
Customize Client Profiles
Full Visibility to Sales Funnel
Per month billed annually, or $39.95 monthly

Valued Clients Are Happy Clients

And happy customers generate higher income and lower churn.



Focus less on numbers and more on your customers to successfully grow your business into a client-centric organization.



Sell smarter. Give everyone access to all relevant client information to successfully nurture prospective clients and provide knowledgeable service to loyal customers.



Tailor your approach to client management with customizable software that allows you to align your CRM with your marketing strategies and sales pipeline.

Businesses That Have Grown Using Kakkuro Suite:

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