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Kakkuro Suite

The premier one-stop solution that offers real-time actionable information to help scale your business.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide businesses with simple-to-use, efficient software tools enabling visually inspired, data-driven decision making.

Our Vision

To help businesses measure, manage, scale, and thrive.

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Kakkuro Modules

Kakkuro Suite is a software as a solution (SaaS) for managing your business needs. Kakkuro offers intuitive tools that provide you, the business owner, with the visibility needed to grow your business successfully.

Consisting of 4 individual modules: Projects, Dashboards, CRM, and Accounting, Kakkuro provides you with all the tools necessary to measure business growth, and provides the appropriate real-time metrics needed to keep your business on track.

Start with the module you need and add additional modules as needed. Each module can function on its own, but if you choose to integrate all 4 of these modules into one package, you will experience the full functionality of Kakkuro Suite: it will truly help you keep a clear understanding of the state of your business, maximizing opportunities for growth and revenue.

Thrive: Dashboards

Thrive: Dashboards

Visualize and consolidate real-time complex data in one easy-to-read, customizable report. Share with your whole team and confidently make solid business decisions and projections.

Thrive: Projects

Thrive: Projects

Plan, prioritize, track, and integrate project hours, expenses, and invoicing for all your project management needs in a single module. Customizable for each project you manage.

Thrive: CRM

Thrive: CRM

Streamline sales and marketing by managing client requirements and tracking leads/prospects in a simple, customizable workflow process, all within one module.

Thrive: Accounting

Thrive: Accounting

Hassle-free financial management module to support your business process, cut costs, and increase efficiency with real time, actionable information on sales, invoicing, purchases, products, and services.

Kakkuro Suite Development Team

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Dr. Reggie Chandra Chief Visionary Officer

Dr. Reggie Chandra is a husband, dad and friend whose purpose in life is to love, to be loved and create. He lives his purpose. He expresses his love for his family by creating magic moments for them. His love for the community is expressed through his inventions, time/resources that he spends supporting charitable organizations and mentoring younger entrepreneurs...

Michael Thiessen Chief Executive Officer

Mike Thiessen is the Chief Executive Officer at Business Instruments (BI), and a co-founder of Thrive™. He is also a member of Pipeline Entrepreneur Fellowship and a co-founder or Beloit Solutions Group, a Google Partner and Google Apps Partner Advisory Board member prior to being acquired by Cloud Sherpas. As a 20-year veteran of the technology world...

Scott Anthony Chief Technology Officer

Scott Anthony is the Chief Technology Officer at Business Instruments (BI) and Thrive™. An avid, innovative programmer, Scott has been delivering high value business solutions to Fortune 100 corporations for over 15 years. During his tenure at Keller Williams, he spearheaded eEdge, the real estate industry’s first and only complete lead-to-close agent business solution...

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