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10 Benefits of Project Tracking Software

Running a small business is not easy, especially when you’re growing your company and expanding your team. Implementing a project tracking software has a multitude of benefits that not only helps you and your employees remain organized, but it can take your business to the next level, allowing you to succeed against the competition.

Remain on budget

The ability to understand the progress of a project can give you a glimpse into your project’s budget. Being able to track billable and nonbillable hours will help to improve project estimation, allowing you to deliver on your promises. Seeing where time is going can hep you cut costs, stay on track, and track time in order to improve your bottom line. Project time tracking not only keeps your employees accountable but keeps your books in line.

Focus on priorities

Breaking a project down into measurable tasks allows a company to ensure that each step is completed and that every important task is getting the attention and prioritization that it deserves. With a project tracking software, a project manager will be better able to serve employees as they have a clear bird’s eye view of which tasks are receiving time and how much time each project is absorbing.

Create a balanced team

When you are able to see what time is allocated to each task and which employee is responsible for completing it, you will discover if there are underworked or overworked employees. Seeing who needs more support and who has time on their hands will allow you to create a balanced team which will work together more efficiently. Optimizing resource allocation will lead your business in the right direction.

Improve project protection

When you have a lot of hands on a project, information can get lost in the shuffle, between computers, tablets, and notebooks. Project tracking tools ensure that all documents and communication is kept digitally in one place. With the right project management system, you don’t have to worry about losing important information across a variety of platforms or spreadsheets.

Boost time management

There are only so many hours in a day, which makes time a precious commodity. A project management tracking tool can remove items from your employees’ to-do lists that are wasting their precious time, such as scheduled email reminders to clients regarding document approval. Eliminating these time-consuming but necessary tasks will free up time for your employee, allowing for improved efficiency.  

Enhance customer satisfaction

When you perform well, your clients are happy. It’s as simple as that. A project management system can help your team complete projects on time, under budget, with clear communication. When customer satisfaction is high, the client/manager relationship will be able to flourish and the customer will be a face that you’ll see again.

Develop uniformity

A well-designed project tracking system helps to cross the Ts and dot the Is. Having a template and digitalized process in place ensures that the pipeline is clear and that no steps are missed. With a standard approach and uniform method set for project completion, the results will be more congruent and uniform in style. A streamlined, but still flexible, process eliminates confusion and sets the tone for future work.

Build collaboration

Project tracking software can assist your company with building a culture of collaboration at the workplace. The software is an accessible place to share and store information which not only improves communication, but makes it easy to collaborate on big projects with varying degrees of tasks. It can be difficult putting all the pieces together of a creative project or strategic plan, but having one set collaboration “zone” in place takes a lot of the work out of it.

Increase competitiveness

The market can be tough and it can be difficult to stand out in a sea of like-minded entrepreneurs. When your company is performing at its best, your reputation and quality of work will shine, letting your business stick out and become increasingly competitive. A project management software can give your company the edge it needs to surpass the rest.

Manage relationships

Your business would be nonexistent without a sales strategy. A CRM supports your sales action plans, ensuring that contacts don’t fall through the cracks, letting your company get closer to its goals. Project tracking software that includes a CRM will allow your sales team to juggle leads, active projects, and customer relationships with ease. Let each sales associate focus on converting prospects into leads, expanding their network, and closing the next deal.


Whether you’re a startup company or medium-sized business, project tracking software can be beneficial to your company. Meet your quarterly goals, expand your creative team, and streamline your processes so that your business continues to expand and grow for years to come.

Kakkuro Suite10 Benefits of Project Tracking Software

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