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Dashboards, Projects, CRM, Accounting

All-in-One Suite

Your business is a well-oiled machine. To keep it healthy, move it forward with powerful tools.

Manage Projects, Your Way

  • Plan Projects Using Agile or Waterfall Methodology
  • Assign and Track Tasks, Progress and Time
  • Easily Create Intuitive Gantt Charts
  • Track Project Requirements & Baseline
  • Share Projects with Clients
  • Promote Real-Time Collaboration
  • Immediately Start Using – Minimal Training Needed
  • Use Integrated Time Tracking & Invoicing
  • Integrate with the Complete Kakkuro Product Suite

Focus on Relationships Instead of Data

  • Easily Customize Your Sales Process – No Outside Consultants Needed
  • Develop Personalized Action Plan with Automatically Scheduled Communications
  • Create Custom Fields Specific to Your Process Flow
  • Send Emails Directly from Workflow
  • Sync Notifications with Your Calendar
  • Get Clear Visibility of Client Status – Easily Link Clients and Accounts
  • Generate reports by account, opportunity or task; filter by date or team member

Bring Clarity to Complicated Accounting

  • 13 Week Cash Flow Report
  • Track Invoices & Payments in Real-Time
  • Quickly & Easily Enter Expenses
  • Invoice & Accept Payments Online
  • Manage Cash Flow & Cost
  • Monitor Current Sales Information
  • Automate Banking & Reporting
  • Simplify Double-Entry Accounting
  • Integrate with the Complete Kakkuro Product Suite

Actionable Insights. Real-time Data.

  • Real-Time View of Your Company Health
  • Gain Visibility Across Functions – From Sales to Accounting
  • Generate Intuitive What-if Scenarios
  • Create Powerful, Real-Time Charts & Graphs
  • Consolidate Your Data in One Place
  • Quickly Configure & Share Dashboard Metrics with Stakeholders
  • Simplify Your Data Analysis
  • Integrate with the Complete Kakkuro Product Suite

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  • Steve Flones

    Sales Director | Flopath
  • Carrie Broeckelmann

    Owner/President | CB Consulting, LLC
  • Jenny Duld

    VP of Client Services | SoftVu
  • Dennis Waldrop

    Business Manager | Healing Fount, LLC
  • Steve Flones

    Sales Director, Flopath
  • Dave King

    Managing Director | Doxa
  • Alfred Botchway

    President | Xenometrics
  • I really like the dashboard displays. It gives me the right information at the right time at my fingertips. Helps me to really understand where I'm at and where I need to go."

  • As a sales professional with 20 years of experience, I was really impressed with the usability of Thrive: CRM. It was easy to learn and simple to customize to fit my particular needs. I now start and end my day with Thrive!"

  • After using the Thrive: Projects module, we have seen an increase in overall resource productivity and efficiency... Our organization is looking to further expand use of other modules and reporting in our daily routine."

  • With Thrive: Dashboards, I can make informed and relevant business decisions based on real-time information.  I feel like it puts me a step ahead of the competition because I don't have to wait for the data I need.  Thrive doesn't kill my bottom line either — which is a bonus!"

  • I really like the dashboard displays. It gives me the right information at the right time at my fingertips. It helps me to really understand where I’m at and where I need to go to scale my business.  

  • I use the integrated information on the dashboards to understand the status of prospective client relationships, manage my sales team’s performance and create forecasts for future cash flow based on different sales scenarios."

  • The scenario sliders in Thrive: Dashboards have totally changed how I manage my business. Now, when I anticipate changes in the marketplace, I can see exactly what impact they’ll have on my future cash flow."

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